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Ministry of Women, Community & Social Development (MWCSD)


Leusoalii and Luatuanu’u, Samoa

Funded By:

funding assistance from the European Union (EU) and the Government through the MWCSD

Project Period:

October 2013 – June 2014

Project Description:

Consultant Services for the “Construction Supervision of Leusoalii and Luatuanuu Independent Water Schemes Rehabilitation and Delivery Works”.

Project Services:

Construction Supervision

Verified and checked off list of items to be included on the Defects Liability Certificate;

Conducted two(2) seminar workshopsto the villages of Leusoali’i and Luatuanu’u to present the completed project works and ensure that the villagers understand the improvements gained;

Conduct Final assessment of the Project Works and provide advice on any defects in the systems within the defects liability period of 12 months


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