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QTEC Services

Now, more than ever, advanced technology is becoming a way of life as the world is adapting to the new challenges brought about by COVID-19. We see it today, in children as young as 4 years old to even elderly people, being able to navigate through phones, tablets and other devices, without much assistance. Quite fitting for the times we are living in now. Social distancing has restricted many families and friends from gathering together. However, technology has allowed us to connect with one another virtually. Recognizing these new changes and the great need for many technological services within our communities, helped birth the dream that is – QTEC Services.

QTEC Services was launched on 21 November 2021. The letter “Q” is an homage to its umbrella company KEW Consult. Q also represents the word ‘Quality’ while TEC stands for technology. QTEC Services specializes in livestreaming events such as funerals, weddings, ceremonial gatherings, graduations, etc. It also provides a variety of other services like website designing, photography, event planning and videography. I believe that what sets QTEC apart is the quality of the services that they provide. Quality is more than just what you see on the screen but also the effort and attention to detail that goes into everything behind the scenes. Hence, when quoting a job, this is what you are paying for – QTEC will make every effort to ensure that those watching livestream events are connected in picture and sound and brought closer to the ground where everything is happening – just as if they are attending in person.

Most recently, QTEC conducted livestreaming for the funeral services of a close family member in Tafua-tai, Savaii. This was definitely the farthest location they had to do livestream work for. However near or far, no matter the location, preparations are always thorough. Prior to any livestreaming event, the QTEC boys prepare well in advance, to ensure that all equipment to be used is ready and functioning well for the event. From cameras to tripods, to internet routers, down to the smallest detail - they check thoroughly to ensure everything is in place. If the event starts as early as 8am, it means the QTEC workers will be up by 5am to set all their equipment in place before the event begins. The workers are never hard to spot either at such events as they are always dressed in either their black or white uniforms.

QTEC’s dedication to quality derives from a passion to serve people for the ultimate glory of God. “Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all things for the glory of God.” – 1 Corinthians 10:31.

This is what quality means to QTEC.

And I believe our people deserve just that - quality service.

With borders now open, more and more families and friends will be reuniting after a period of time of only connecting via technology. I am sure that many will want to treasure these moments of reunification long after they return to their respective homes.

What better way to remember such moments than capturing it on camera or filming it through livestream?

Every family, every event, every memory worth capturing deserves the highest quality. Our people should be paying for services worth their money.

And I believe QTEC is worth every cent.


We also wish to acknowledge IknowIT NZ, who assisted us immensely with setting up this business and providing mentorship for our team regarding the how-tos of livestreaming. IknowIT is 100% NZ-owned and dedicated to serve.

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