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Independent Water Schemes Upgrade - Lele'a

KEW supervised and monitored the construction works undertaken for IWSA in Lelea


Ministry of Women, Community & Social Development (MWCSD) | Independent Water Scheme Association (IWSA)


Lele’a, Samoa

Funded by:

European Union

Project Period:

9 months

Project Description:

Falling under the IWSA project banner, the scope of this project is the supervision of the construction of water scheme storage tanks & sedimentation tanks, river intakes, spring intakes, the construction of associated transmission and distribution mains, household connections and the construction of access roads to the village.

Project Services:

  • Project Management and Supervision

  • Supervise and Advise on all network construction

  • Program/Project Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Supervise and Advise on all civil work construction

  • Writing of Progress Reports

  • Manage and Ensure technical quality of all works

  • Construction Supervision.

  • Up skilling and Training of local water community

  • Community Liaison

  • Approval and checking of contractor claims

  • Advice on design and contract variations

  • Daily on-site supervision of works

  • Reporting on contractor overall work performance

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