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Government of Samoa


Apia, Samoa


Asian Development Bank


Nov 2005 – June 2010


The overall objective of the project was to improve health environment and public health situation in Samoa through:

Improving drainage and sanitation infrastructure and capacity in urban management;

Reducing frequency of flooding in specific low lying areas;

Improving surface and groundwater quality;

Promoting private sector participation in the provision of urban services.


KEW Consult Ltd was the Project Management Unit (PMU) of the SSDP.  The PMU had the principal task of managing and coordinating the implementation of the 3 project components, ensuring the objectives of the SSDP were met and advising on remedial action if some objectives would not be met. Specific tasks and responsibilities are outlined below:

Ensure that effective communication and consultations continue with all SSDP stakeholders;

Maintain smooth coordination of project activities, and be responsible for following up with heads of respective agencies and component managers for the achievement of project targets;

Monitor and facilitate full compliance of all components with the implementation, legal, financial and technical requirements of the project. This shall include giving direction and essential support to the IAs;

Ensure the maintenance of full project and contract administration records relating to measurement, site instructions, minutes of progress meetings and daily diaries etc and the submission of monthly reports by each implementing agency component manager and summarizing these activities to the SSDP Steering Committee;

Facilitate the procurement of the main activities for each component by the respective agencies;

Process payments on all Project activities in coordination with the Ministry of Finance and the implementing Agencies, in accordance with the Government of Samoa and ADB procedures and guidelines;

Advise the Project Steering committee appropriately on the following:

Legal conditions being met;

Monitoring and evaluation of each activity;

Necessary steps or measures to overcome any critical delays to completion of the Project;

Appropriate action to promote the aim of the Project amongst the community and stakeholders.


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